Serving all of the USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East, MIFAB can provide you with the quality, engineered plumbing and drainage solutions you need. Innovative product designs save the installer time and material cost and provides the owner with higher quality cast stainless steel drains and cleanouts for the same cost as the industry standard nickel bronze. Contact us today to learn more.


LIT-035, Modular Drain Value Proposition
LIT-036, BEECO Make it Easy
LIT-045, QuickHub
LIT-046TF, Slim Trench Trench Kits
LIT-047TF, C-PORT Rooftop Pipe Supports
LIT-052, AllStar Covers
LIT-053, Shift & Lift Carrier Offset Kit
LIT-058TF, ROOFGUARD No-Clog Roof Domes
LIT-059, Ml-GARD Trap Seal Spec Sheet
LIT-063, Podium Drain Solutions
LIT-071, FLOW-2018 BEECO Flow Control
LIT-081, Product Line Card (2 sided)
LIT-084, BEECO ACV Sales Flyer
LIT-086, Modular Drain Unique Drain Design (2 sided)
LIT-098, (2 sided) H.D.P.E. Interceptors
LIT-099, Slim Trench Kits
LIT-100, Mini Max H.D.P.E. Interceptors
LIT-101, BEECO Barracuda Sell-Sheet
LIT-102, Commercial Building Line Card (2-sided)
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